Canon provides repair delivery service for printers
    and cameras to support work-from-home practice
    in compliance with Covid-19 control measures


            Canon is providing the Canon Delivery Service for printers, cameras and lenses to be collected and delivered after repair, along with an on-site printer repair service at homes and offices in Bangkok and surrounding provinces to enhance users’ convenience and support businesses’ work-from-home practice while the Covid-19 control measures are in effect. Charges for printers depend on warranty period while charges for cameras vary by type of service required, starting at 200 baht (discounted from normal rate) and valid from 25 March to 30 June 2020. Canon has also implemented measures to ensure cleanliness and health safety as follows: every incoming product for repair will be cleaned with disinfectant or alcohol; all maintenance and repair staff must wear gloves and surgical masks throughout their work, both in the technical lab at the company’s headquarters and when providing on-site service; temperature screening is conducted on all maintenance and repair staff; and repair tools are regularly disinfected. For more information please contact Canon Call Center on 0 2344 9988 or Line @ Canon Thailand.
    ​​​​​​        In compliance with the government’ measures to stop the Covid-19 spread, Canon has temporarily shut down in-person customer services at every Canon Service Center from Wednesday 25 March to Sunday 12 April 2020.