Canon supported ‘Tuu Pun Sook - Suan Pun Sook’ - Canon Thailand

    Canon supported ‘Tuu Pun Sook - Suan Pun Sook’

    Mr. Hiroshi Yokota, President and CEO, together with volunteer employees of Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., have shown their support for The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s “Tuu Pun Sook - Suan Pun Sook” projects by donating necessary goods, such as rice, dry food, appliances, first aid kits, disinfectants, etc. They helped fill up 11 pantries of sharing or Tuu Pun Sooks located at 6 district offices (Don Mueng, Laksi, Bang Sue, Dusit, Bangrak, and Ratchathewi), 4 public parks (Rommani Thungsikan, Saranrom, Lumpini, and Santiphap Park) and Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan). These goods will be further allocated to people affected by the Covid-19 situation as well as those infected cases who were recovering while in Home Isolation programme throughout Bangkok. This relief support is aimed to help alleviate the plight of those suffering from this pandemic. Mr. Nuntapong Kaewsri, Director of Don Mueng District Office, and Mr. Sombat Kanoktipwan Director of Laksi District Office, as representatives, have received the donations at Don Mueng and Laksi District Offices recently.