Canon cooperated with Bang Pa-In PHO to set up COVID-19 Active Case
    Findings for risk employees in Hi-Tech Industrial Estate (Ban Wa)

    Due to the aggravating COVID-19 situation in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, the number of new infection cases have been continuously increasing daily, with many new clusters detected in Bang Pa-In district.

    Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Canon products in Canon Group, operates a factory in Hi-Tech Industrial Estate (Ban Wa) in Bang Pa-In District, which is area at risk of the spread. To help control the situation, in collaboration with Bang Pa-In district Public Health Office, they offer their facility to be used as a center for COVID-19 active case findings for organizations located in Hi-Tech Industrial Estate (Ban Wa) and its vicinity. Under supervision of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control 4, Ministry of Public Health, the center conducted COVID-19 tests for total 575 people at risk from many companies located in the industrial estate as well as from Bang Pa-In Police Station. Canon Hi-Tech also sent its volunteers to facilitate the arrangements at the center throughout the activity on July 7th , 2021.

    On July 8th-10th, 2021, Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd. also conducted a proactive COVID-19 screening for 100% of its employees and executives with the support of Asia International Hospital to reduce the risk and control the COVID-19 outbreak both internally and externally.