Built for brilliance, the small but powerful LV-7297S features intelligent one-touch instant convenience while operating at near-silent 29 decibels, so everyone can focus on the big screen.

  • XGA (1024 x 768 พิกเซล)
  • Brightness: 2600 lumens 500:1
  • contrast ratio
  • สอบถามราคา ณ จุดขาย


Great resolution

With native XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels), this machine reproduces images with amazing clarity and sufficient levels of detail even for specialist applications. The end result is bright, bold, vivid and accurate visuals to capture the attention of any audience.

1.2x optical zoom lens

This fantastic device is fitted with a 1.2x optical zoom projection lens, specially designed to combat distortion and deliver perfect image geometry.

Exceptional brightness

With a generous 2600 lumens brightness and 500:1 contrast ratio, this projector delivers clear, well-defined images. Superb colour reproduction is ensured and it brings out true blacks in dark scenes, for a better viewing experience.