CN7 X 17 KAS T (RF/PL)

This is an RF cinema lens from the CINE-SERVO lens series that provides improved compatibility with the new digital cinema camera, EOS C400. The CN7 X 17 KAS T maintains exceptional optical performance and mobility while incorporating the "new mount data communication system" unique to the EOS R system and a new drive unit to facilitate finely detailed operations. Enhanced technologies provide a broader range of shooting applications for virtual production and remote shooting.

  • 17-120mm Focal Length (up to 7x magnification)
  • RF Mount with 11-Blade Iris & 8k/4K Ready
  • New USB-C Servo Drive Unit
  • Supports Broadcast and Cinematic Shooting Style

Outstanding Optical Performance 

Canon's optical technologies, such as the use of large-diameter aspherical lenses and anomalous dispersion glass, work together to deliver optical performance that is suitable for 8K cameras across the entire zoom range. Aberrations are minimized to ensure exceptional performance from the center of the image to the edges.

Consistent Colour Balance

The Cinema Lens series is designed with a consistently warm colour balance that reproduces skin tones more beautifully to depict subject textures better. Colour reproduction remains stable even after changing lenses, reducing colour adjustment with each shot and time and effort for postproduction.

11-blade Iris

The 11-blade iris diaphragm creates a nearly circular bokeh from fully open to minimum aperture.

The odd number of iris blades results in a soft, diffused glow on high-brightness subjects.

Reduced Focus Breathing

The optical design of CN7 X 17 KAS T reduces focus breathing (changes in the angle of view due to the movement of focus position during focusing).

This enables consistent framing even during manual shooting.

RF Mount System

Lens metadata communication via the mount is enabled with compatible Cinema EOS System RF cinema cameras. In addition to the same functions as previous models, it now offers support for in-camera distortion correction according to lens characteristics.

This advancement makes highly accurate real-time and post-production computer generate (CG) compositing possible.

Accurate Focusing

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II together with the high-speed communication between the lens and camera allows acurate focusing in 4K recording. 

Focus Guide

Supports Focus Guide that provides visual aide to assist focusing:

  • Focus is on subject
  • Focus is behind subject
  • Focus is in front of subject
Corrected Images

Ambient light and chromatic aberration correction can be done in-camera with the lens information. 

Lens Information

Lens information can displayed on the viewfinder and screen. Metadata such as lens name and position an also be recorded on the video. 

Video Production Communications

ZEISS eXtended Data

The CN7 X 17 KAS T PL supports eXtended Data, which is offered by ZEISS as an extension of the Cooke /i Technology communications standard. When connected to the PL mount contacts of a compatible camera, it allows real-time output of lens information. This includes shading and distortion in real-time, as well as the recording and correction of information.

Cooke /i Technology

The CN7 X 17 KAS T PL supports Cooke's /i Technology communication standard. Connection to the PL mount contacts of a compatible camera enables real-time external output of lens metadata (focus/zoom/iris position and other data, model number) and recording and display of information.

12-pin Serial Communication

The CN7 X 17 KAS T RF / PL supports 12-pin serial communication, which is the standard for broadcast camera systems. When connected to a compatible camera’s 12-pin connector, it enables the operation and control of the camera, similar to industry-standard portable lenses used in broadcasting.

Versatile Design

Live - with drive unit

Creative - without drive unit

Gear Arrangements

The focus rings are equipped with gear pitches of 0.8 and 0.5. Specifically, the gear pitch in front of the focus ring is 0.8, and it is intentionally designed not to interfere with the follow focus, even if a drive unit is attached.


The focus ring markings and lines are placed on both the left and right sides. In addition, the focus indicators on the front end are engraved on an angled surface with larger text to ensure visibility from the side and behind.

Markings shows "ft" and "m". 

Glow in the Dark

The focus ring markings on one side have been  coated with luminous paint to enhance visibility, ensuring clear and easy readability even in low light conditions.


Type Supported Accessories
Operational Accessories Zoom Demand ZSD-300D, ZSD-380D (Japan only)
ZDJ-G01 (BDC-21)*1, ZDJ-GN1 (BDC-21)*1 (Japan only), ZDJ-S01(BDC-21)*1
ZDJ-P01*1 (discontinued), ZDJ-D02*1 (discontinued), ZDJ-DN2*1 (discontinued)
Focus Demand FPD-400D, FDJ-G01(BDC-21)*1, FDJ-S01(BDC-21)*1
FDJ-D02*1 (discontinued), FDJ-P01*1 (discontinued)
Iris Demand Not supported (Iris operation of the focus demand via settings adjustment on the drive unit is not supported)
Optical Accessories UV Filter UV/127MM-H (with hood attached)
Clear Filter CL/112MM (with lens attached), CL/127MM-H (with hood attached)
Others Lens Holder LH-CN7/02*2 (discontinued)
Cinema Accessories Other Manufacturers
  • General cinema industry accessories such as matte boxes can be used
  • Focusing: Cinema accessories with 0.5/0.8 gear modules can be used
  • Zoom: Cinema accessories with 0.5 gear modules can be used
  • Iris: Because of its 0.4 gear module, standard cinema accessories cannot be used
Mount Adapter Attaching PL mount lens to RF mount cameras Mount adapter PL-RF*3

*1 ACC for box lens can also be used. Note that this requires a conversion cable. The camera’s current may exceed the allowable value, so please use with caution.
*2 New sales have been discontinued, but the item can be used.
*3 Not compatible with the R5C, C70, or mirrorless cameras.
Note : Extender RF 2x and RF 1.4x are not supported.