With a compact design, the new DR-S150 sets out to be the easy-to-operate scanner with versatile connectivity. Equipped with a 4.3 inch large format LCD touch panel, DR-S150 offers users an intuitive scanning experience. Ideal for office environment and workgroup industry.
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Canon imageFORMULA DR-S150 Delivers High-Performance Scanning with Flexible Connectivity

24 Nov 2020 — Canon imageFORMULA DR-S150 Delivers High-Performance Scanning with Flexible Connectivity Canon today announced the launch of the imageFORMULA DR-S150, a compact desktop document scanner designed to deliver quick and reliable scanning with versatile connectivity. The easy-to-operate scanner is ideal for use by workgroups or individual users in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, legal services and insurance. Integrating with existing information management systems, the flexible DR-S150 helps businesses automate paper-based processes and streamline workflows efficiently. “With mobile working becoming a norm, the new DR-S150 is designed to be a flexible addition to any work environment requiring efficient, high-quality scanning. Equipped with a range of network connectivity options that allow users to easily use the document scanner with personal computers or compatible mobile devices, it is ideal for home offices, small offices and corporate office departments. The small footprint, convenient PUSH scan function and ability to scan passports and ID cards make it perfect for financial services and affiliated branch offices.” said Mr. Ooi Chik Hoe, Senior Director of Business Imaging Solution Product Group, Canon Marketing Thailand . Easy Connectivity From Anywhere Built-in WiFi, wired Ethernet and USB connections for networked and local operation allow users to use the DR-S150 document scanner conveniently with desktop computers, compatible smartphones and tablets. The various connection options enable multiple users to share the scanner from almost anywhere in an office environment. Users can even scan documents directly to shared network folders on-the-go, without using a desktop computer. Advanced Scanning Technology Known as DR Processor, the on-board image processing CPU of the DR-S150 delivers high-speed, high-quality scans of up to 90 images per minute, independent of the performance of connected personal computers. The scanner also incorporates Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in the conversion of scanned images into searchable data, helping to capture information accurately and improve text legibility. Equipped with reliable paper feeding mechanism and separation rollers, the DR-S150 makes high-volume batch scanning of mixed document types quick and easy. Users can perform scanning tasks in large batches of up to 60 pages, over a wide range of media including ultra-thin papers, plastic ID,embossed cards and even passports up to 4mm thick. Featuring a large colour LCD touchscreen, the scanner takes performance to the next level with an intuitive interface that provides users with simple scanning operation and absolute ease of use. Smart Output Capabilities The DR-S150 scanner helps businesses widen the scope of document capture and output capabilities when used with an intuitive scanning software, the CaptureOnTouch V4. Users can easily convert scanned documents to searchable files, manage digitised information, and send scanned documents to a range of cloud-enabled services, including Dropbox, Google Drive and more, keeping document workflows efficient and organised. The CaptureOnTouch Job Tool App available for Windows, iOS and Android allows users to operate the scanner via smart mobile devices without connecting to a computer, for maximum convenience.        

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Canon supports plastic recycling program by collecting and delivering used plastic caps to Precious Plastic Bangkok  for the creation of new recycled plastic products.

Canon supports plastic recycling program by collecting and delivering used plastic caps to Precious Plastic Bangkok for the creation of new recycled plastic products.

06 Nov 2020 — Canon supports plastic recycling program by collecting and delivering used plastic caps to Precious Plastic Bangkok for the creation of new recycled plastic products. Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. supports reduction and recycling of plastic waste, by initiates collection activity named ‘We Need your Plastic Caps.’ encouraging all Canon staff at Headquarters, branches and partners to collect plastic bottle caps in order to support the initiatives of Precious Plastic Bangkok, a worldwide project that collects plastic bottle caps from all over Bangkok before shredding and melting them for the creation of new lifestyle products out of recycled plastic on a small scale.   With all the efforts during July –October 2020, we could collect over 62,000 caps or 62 kilograms in total. All the caps were delivered to Precious Plastic Bangkok recently. This activity is aimed at enhancing the awareness of the importance of waste sorting among Canon members. Plastic bottle caps are made of high density polyethylene (HTPE), a type of plastic that does not burn even at the temperature of 180’C. On the other hand, its durability makes it a valuable material suitable for being melted and reshaped into plant pots, bowls, glass coaster or even transforming into colorful floor tiles.           

New Colorado ProCare After Sales Service Programme for Increased Productivity and Minimal Downtime

New Colorado ProCare After Sales Service Programme for Increased Productivity and Minimal Downtime

04 Nov 2020 — New Colorado ProCare After Sales Service Programme for Increased Productivity and Minimal Downtime   Maintenance of a Colorado series roll-to-roll printer Canon has launched its new ProCare after-sales service programme in South & Southeast Asia, designed for users of the Colorado 1650 roll-to-roll wide format printer series powered by UVgel technology. With the objective of offering a consistent service concept for customers with production in multiple region, Colorado 1650 owners can now benefit from maximised uptime through access to spare parts, preventive maintenance and remote software application support. ProCare contracts are available on the basis of three to five years, with the option to extend support after the initial contract has ended. Additional premium support options include  next business day onsite response and print head replacement. Colorado ProCare is available via Canon Appointed Partners or directly from Canon for customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Performance You Can Rely On Colorado series printers are designed for optimal productivity with minimal operator intervention and manual maintenance. The ProCare service programme extends this philosophy, backed by a skilled team of service technicians, strong global logistics network as well as state-of-the-art communication and diagnostic tools.This means print service providers can focus on what matters most - exceeding client expectations on quality, delivering within tight turnaround times, growing their business and increasing profits. Non-stop printing on Colorado 1650 with two input media rolls for automatic online switchingand ink refill-while-printing Steve Ford, Managing Director, Production Printing Asia, Canon, said, “With more than 1,500 installations of Colorado printers worldwide, it is clear that our customers see the benefits that UVgel technology brings to their business – the perfect balance of productivity and quality at a reduced Total Cost of Ownership. With Colorado ProCare, we look to further complement the impeccable features of the Colorado printers, so our customers can experience the full value of their investment. They know they have a technology they can rely on and a solutions partner who will always be at their side to ensure that.”

Canon and Brother jointly launched "Only the Genuine Will Know" project to promote genuine printing materials and create the next normal for smart quality printing

Canon and Brother jointly launched "Only the Genuine Will Know" project to promote genuine printing materials and create the next normal for smart quality printing

03 Nov 2020 — Canon and Brother jointly launched "Only the Genuine Will Know" project to promote genuine printing materials and create the next normal for smart quality printing Brother and Canon, Thailand’s two leading printer manufacturers, announced an initiative strategic partnership to launch a campaign “Only the Genuine Will Know” to raise awareness of the obvious advantages of using genuine printing consumable, both ink and toner, compared with compatible and counterfeit cartridges. The campaign is aimed at encouraging printer users to use only genuine ink cartridges for the best print quality, optimal printer performance, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Moreover, by using only genuine printing consumable, users do not run the risk of voiding their warranty and of health hazards and also help save the environment. Mr.Teerawut Suppapunpinyo, Managing Director of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited revealed the details of the collaboration with Canon that it was found at the service centre that one of the major causes of printer failure is the use of compatible or counterfeit printing consumable which has had an adverse effect on Thai consumers. Therefore, Brother announced a joint initiative with Canon to launch a campaign “Only the Genuine Will Know” to encourage consumers to use only genuine printing consumable, and to develop awareness of the possible disadvantages of using compatible and counterfeit counterparts among users. “In general, two common types of printing materials currently available in the market include ink and toner, which Brother offers both to satisfy the particular needs of all target customers. Each year Brother’s R&D team conducts research and develops the efficiency of printing consumable to ensure the customers’ satisfaction in all aspects whether it is the quality of printing, the cost of printing, ease of use, and health and environmental safety according to Brother’s philosophy of business “at your side”.  added Mr.Teerawut Suppapunpinyo. Mr. Na-ake Songsiri, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Brother Commercial (Thailand) Limited said that Brother printing consumable, both ink and toner, acquire MSDS safety standards with the number of printable pages according to ISO standards. Therefore, users can be confident about the high quality of Brother printing consumable. Brother genuine printing consumable which can be verified at can be purchased both online and offline channels nationwide. To encourage users to use only genuine printing consumable, Brother is currently offering Naraya Exclusive Grand and Great bag, a special gift created especially for this project, to customers who purchase Brother genuine printing consumable.” Mr. Hiroshi Yokota, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that Canon and Brother, the two leading printer maker brands, have greater than 61% of the combining market share of inkjet printers and more than 50% of laser printers. With the policy focusing on maintaining quality standards of the products, customer care and protecting the customers’ interests, we are aware that the majority of consumers nowadays still do not know the differences between genuine printing ink and compatible or counterfeit products, the benefits of using genuine products and potential problems from using compatible and counterfeit products. Therefore, the campaign “Only the Genuine Will Know” is collaboratively organised to resolve an issue of misunderstanding of users by transforming their idea of “I think” into “I know”, which represents understanding of the advantages of using genuine printing materials comprising: Higher print quality with sharp, detailed and clean printout Covered by the product warranty, which will be voided if compatible and counterfeit       printing materials being used Hassle-free and reliable Gaining full benefits including discounts, promotion and aftersales services” So that , we believe consumers can protect their rights and best interest, and most importantly that they will gain the best experiences with our products, which is our long-standing commitment according to our ‘Delighting You Always’ motto.” Meanwhile Ms.Netnarin Chancharassuk, Director of Printer Product Group, Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said that the print quality problems include dull colours, blurry or smeared printout, unwanted marks on the document, paper misfeed, faded colours, and clogged print nozzles, many cases of which are caused by the use of cheap, low-quality compatible or counterfeit ink or toner cartridges. With the quality inferior to the genuine printing materials which the users might be unaware, these third-party ink cartridges can damage a printer and print nozzles, and thus affect the quality of printout. Besides, when buying a printer with refilled ink from a shop or an online store, it is impossible for users to identify the genuineness of the refilled ink, or they might opt for cheaper ink because they are unaware of its lower quality. When there is an issue of print quality, they tend to assume that it is caused by the printer. This affects brand image and brand credibility of the printer manufacturer. The campaign “Only the Genuine Will Know” aims to create understanding among printer users and the general public with four key objectives including: To increase public awareness of the advantages of using printing materials and the disadvantages of using compatible and counterfeit products To enable users to identify the genuine printing materials by checking and examining the hologram sticker on the package To encourage users to purchase printing materials from certified retailers both from online and offline channels by purchasing a printer with ink bottles or ink cartridges on display which allow users to check and identify the genuineness of the product, rather than purchasing one with refilled compatible or counterfeit ink bottles or cartridges.  To enable users to use printing materials to their full potential with confidence in their quality and value for money as well as extension of the lifespan of printer. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the new normal lifestyle which has a tremendous impact on consumer behavior. Such daily activities at work and school have been shifted to online platforms and undertaken remotely, resulting in higher demands for printers and related products. This change has spurred sales growth of printers especially via online sales channels. However, with lower prices offered, users may face the risk of purchasing low quality, compatible or counterfeit ink and toner. In addition, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) has recently become an increasingly popular consumer behaviour which makes it more common for users to refill ink cartridges or replace toner cartridges themselves. Brother and Canon therefore created new easy-to-use and low-maintenance products and developed efficient channels like e-commerce and e-store to cope with future demands and facilitate efficient workflow of our customers. However, although the prices of genuine products are generally higher, consumers can be assured of their efficiency and long-term cost-effectiveness. This campaign will be promoted through online and offline channels, and at point of purchase. In-store activities will be held and special gifts from Brother and Canon will be given today - 31 December 2020.