Compact "All New Hybrid AF" Remote Camera

  • CR-N300 equipped with "Hybrid AF", an autofocus system that combines high-precision contrast AF at high-speed phase
  • An impressive preset scene mode allows shooting mode based subject environment
  • Small yet mighty with 20x optical zoom along with wide-angle and high magnification to cover a wide range of shooting needs, customary from simple web streaming to contents production

This is a class A product. In a domestic environment, this product may cause radio inference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.

  • Wide angle, 4K Imaging and high magnification ratio 20x Optical Zoom lens on a single compact camera
  • Multiple video output interface selection from 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP or USB
  • Support High Efficiency Video Codec from H265, H264 and JPEG


USB Connection in Extra

USB Connection in Extra

  • Exclusively for CR-N300 only with an USB in addition to IP, SDI and HDMI by standard, allowing integration at a breeze to any web application
  • An UVC connection by standard (video: USB Video Class Ver. 1.1) connecting to cameras and computers, without a need of any third party driver installation
3D Real-time Lens Structure

3D Real-time Lens Structure

  • 20x optical high-magnification zoom lens that starts from 29.3 mm* (35 mm equivalent) for use in all kinds of applications, equipped with a 1/2.3 type 4K CMOS sensor
  • Amazingly quiet operation with a single group of lens that moves freely and responds in real time for both zooming and image stabilization
Circular Aperture

Circular Aperture

  • Esthetically pleasing out-of-focus shapes object with the 8-Bladed technology, closing to the professional range lenses offering, images will have the motion of a diffuse circular disc creating beautiful images of night skylines result
4 Scene Modes Selection

4 Scene Modes Selection

  • There are four types of preset scene modes:
    • Portrait, enables blurry background of a person
    • Sports, capturing moving objects clearly
    • Low-light, delivers bright images even in dark places, and
    • Spotlight, generate beautiful images of spotlighted objects
  • Video delivery can be so convenient without complicated detailed settings, yet still possible to create an impressive image expression effortlessly
Multiple Terminal Interface

Multiple Terminal Interface

  • CR-N300 has multiple terminals, plus an USB supporting connection and expandability with various devices used in the field of simple usage of live video streaming to professional video production and broadcasting
  • Support High Efficiency Video Codec from JPEG, H264 and H.265, lowering the cost of storage and reduces heavy network consumption in transmission, which is essential to enhance connection or linking with various devices

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