imagePROGRAF GP-546S

Take Your Prints to New Heights

Elevate every printout using Canon’s latest GP series printers. Equipped with impressive new technology and ink capabilities, discover reliable, vibrant results with superior image quality for photos, posters, and other types of media.

  • Perfect for photo and poster printing
  • LUCIA PRO II 7-colour pigment ink
  • 44” / 1,118 mm
  • 500 GB Encrypted Hard Disk Drive
  • Robust security, extensive suite of software and solutions
  • Impressive media handling system
  • Multifunction roll system
  • Full network connectivity and Direct USB Printing


Vibrant Quality that Shines

Enhance your photo and poster colour expressions with the printer’s new vibrant orange and grey inks which enhances colour accuracy and smoother colour transitions within the image.

User Friendly Design and Operation

On top of translucent covers for flush wall installation, it also allows direct printing from USB, and the built-in hard drive facilitates reprinting without a computer. Additionally, the smart roll feature automates feeding, detects media types, and tracks remaining amounts seamlessly.

Enhanced Durability for Prints

LUCIA PRO II Ink improves the light resistance and preserves vibrant colours for extended storage, preventing fading. Rest assured about the safety of photos and posters on glossy media types, as the printer’s scratch-resistant capability shields them from potential damage during printing and handling.




With the new LUCIA PRO II pigment ink system, prints are more vibrant than ever and true-to-life – providing enhanced image quality for both photo and poster printing.

FINE Print Head logo

FINE Print Head

Get rich and grain-free photo quality image with minimum ink droplets and high printing resolution for lab-quality printouts.

L-COA PRO Processor

L-COA PRO Processor

The L-COA PRO imaging processor swiftly processes large image data, ensuring both high printing speed and supreme print quality. This drives higher printing speed and supreme print quality.

Ink Ejection Status Monitoring

Featuring an advanced ink sensing system prevents colour shifts by regular monitoring of ink ejections, preserving high-quality images without deterioration.

Non-Firing Detection and Compensation System

Featuring a built-in sensor, the system detects and compensates for non-firing ink nozzles. When a blockage is identified, an alternate nozzle automatically serves as backup, preventing printing failures like banding and reducing the need for frequent head cleaning.

Workflow Solutions

The following workflow solutions are designed to help you get the most out of your printer.



Create professional-looking posters effortlessly with a wide variety of creative offered by PosterArtist Web.

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager

Track ink and media usage for cost calculation and reporting.

Media Configuration Tool

Media Configuration Tool

Easily manage, update and arrange media information in printer’s wider operation panel and printer driver.

  • Device Management Console - Effectively manages multiple printers, monitor activities such as error messages and printer information up to 50 printers.
  • Quick Utility Toolbox - Quick access to supporting utilities and settings. From printer information, speed dial and destination folder settings to scanning and cloud sharing.
  • Professional Print and Layout - This software offers features such as auto nesting of images, printing of Exif data and print settings, pattern printing, enhanced layout functions and soft proofing.
  • Free Layout Plus - Enjoy nesting, tiling and duplex printing features. ​​​​​​
  • Apple AirPrint - Print PDF files wirelessly via mobile app for Apple iPad® and iPhone®. ​​​​​​
  • Direct Print Plus - Job submission tool which supports batch printing of multiple file types, shortcut printing function and job presets, enabling efficient large format printing workflow.
  • Canon Print Service - Direct document and photo printing via mobile app from Android devices without the need to download any printer-specific applications. ​​​​
  • Canon Print - Print PDF files wirelessly via mobile app for Android tablet and smartphone.

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Roll Unit: RU-43 (Optional)
2"/3" Roll Holder: RH2-46 (Optional)

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