VB-M740E/ M741LE

Wide Angle Outdoor Bullet

This wide angle outdoor bullet camera is designed to operate under a wide temperature range and harsh environment. Suitable for almost any installation, it combines the quality of an infrared (IR) corrected 2.4x optical zoom lens and Super Ultra-low dispersion (UD) elements, with a full slate of features to offer outstanding performance and reliability, even in low or no light condition.

  • HD, 1.3MP (1280 X 960) supported
  • 113.4° wide angle of view
  • Extensive weatherproofing and environmental certification: IP66, IK10, NEMA250 Type4x & IEC60950-22 Compliant

    Available in *VB-M741LE (Connector with Audio & External I/O Interface, supports multiple power source)and

    *VB-M740E (Connector without Audio & External I/O Interface, does not support multiple power source)

    *VB-M741LE-H (Weather Resistance Model with Hydrophilic Coating and Weather Shield to maintain visibility in the rain)

    This is a class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio inference in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures.


Extensive Weatherproofing & Environmental Protection

Suitable for installation under extreme weather, coastal and industrial areas, VB-M740E/M741LE supports a variety of environmental standards, such as -IEC60950-1/22 for product safety
-IP66 Compliant for dust/water-proofed
-NEMA 250 Type 4X for corrosion/frost-proof 

Operating Temperature:
-50°C to +55°C (VB-M741LE)
-10°C to +55°C (VB-M740E)

Sharp & Superior Image Quality

The Super UD lenses minimizes inconsistent focus while maintaining resolution and sharpness throughout the day ensuring important details are captured in your surveillance footage.

VB-H760VE/ 761LVE

Infrared Illumination for VB-M741LE

Equipped with Infrared LED, surveillance in no light condition is possible for VB-M741LE. 4 LED's outputs are regulated, allowing for a wide range of surveillance from telephoto to wide. 
*max distance with AC 24 V/PoE+: 30m


Improved Visibility under Harsh Weather Condition (VB-M741LE-H)

Hydrophilic coating prevents diffuse reflection of light due to raindrops, allowing visibility during and after rain. The hydrophilic coating also has a “self-cleaning” effect to minimize dirt adhering to the lens to deliver more defined images


Additional Shield for VB-M741LE-H

To decrease the effect of direct sunlight, rain and snow, the weather shield acts as an additional protection to prevent water from flowing onto the camera and affecting the visibility