Canon Enters the Premium HDR VDO Broadcasting Era To Support Professional Broadcast and Hollywood-level Production - Canon Thailand

    Canon Enters the Premium HDR VDO Broadcasting Era
    To Support Professional Broadcast and Hollywood-level Production

    The company reveals a full product line-up for videography of all segments,
    featuring an upgraded ecosystem that brings feature film quality to live broadcast
    and a simplified workflow to never miss a moment.

    In recent years, video production and live broadcast industries have raised their standards when it comes to production equipment. Film and production equipment should be designed with mobility and flexibility in mind. As the competitive video creation market booms globally, the products must be able to support digital workflows and be compatible with a wide range of operations. To stay ahead of the global trend, Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (Canon) held the “Explore Canon’s Broadcast & Production World 2023” event to unveil its updated solution line-up built for live broadcast and professional video production. Canon’s production portfolio flaunts state-of-the-art equipment and a complete ecosystem to support wide-ranging works in three production groups: 1. Broadcast & Large-scale Production; 2. ENG Camera & Streaming; and 3. Cinema Accessories Integration for Premium HDR VDO Broadcasting.

    Group 1: Broadcast & Large-scale Production

    When it comes to cinema cameras, it is undeniable that Canon’s high-end EOS C500 Mark II is considered one of the best “Creative Cameras” in the market. Supporting high-quality movie and commercial production, the EOS C500 Mark II is a versatile 6K, full-frame camera that lives up to the strict standards of world-renowned photographers. Another great and equally loved option is EOS C300 Mark III. This 35mm super camera is ideal for sports, news, or corporate content creation. Thanks to its compact body, the C300 Mark III works great as a second camera for outdoor shooting. The cinema camera was used to shoot various Hollywood movies (for a full list of films shot with Canon’s cameras, please visit Featuring large sensors, these two cameras can make an impression with outstanding cinematic effects in news and live broadcast, ensuring beautiful and unique image quality for a truly premium work of art.

    Canon’s camera users also have the freedom to customize their shooting gear to meet different production ranges including news production. For example, Canon cameras can be conveniently converted into Electronic News Gathering (ENG) cameras. One of the highlighted benefits of Canon’s production camera line-up is the fact that users can switch their EF mount lenses to EF Cinema lock mount CM-V1 or PL mount kit PM-V1 to ensure compatibility with the world-standard PL mount lenses. The good news is the customization can be done by the users without the assistance of the service center. This means that cinema cameras and lenses equipped with Servo Zoom can also be used in the settings of TV stations. In addition, Canon’s video accessories such as Servo Focus Demand and Servo Zoom Demand help expand the zooming and focus capabilities. Placing great importance on practical workflow, Canon launched Expansion Unit 3 EU-V3 as a docking station for Return Input that is indispensable for TV photography and live camera operation.

    What’s more, Canon provides a comprehensive portfolio of modules and accessories that enable the camera crew to elevate their live broadcast, TV news, and live event production, making their creations outstanding. The scaling is limitless. The fully configurable setup allows users to prepare for the new era of the HDR VDO Broadcasting.Canon offers different types of lenses including UHD Series - Broadcast Camera Box Lens and Broadcast Camera Portable Lens, both perfect for live broadcast; Cinema lens for movie production and the newly launched Cine Servo Series - CN8x15 IAS and Cine Zoom 8K in two models: CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L and CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L. All three new models are available in both EF and PL mount lenses.

    Group 2: ENG Camera & Streaming

    Canon presents a great line-up of Electronic News Gathering (ENG) cameras for all segments ranging from Full HD to 4K production. Among the highlights is XF-605, the camcorder powerhouse that is perfect for TV programs, sports events, TV commercials, and series. Another two great options are XA75 and XA70. The two camcorders are used in news and documentary production. Both are also popular among independent filmmakers. Moreover, the compact yet powerful XA-65/XA-60 brings versatility to corporate broadcasting and important events such as weddings.

    Apart from the extended camera and lens line-up, Canon features a new ecosystem for broadcasting. One of the most frequently asked questions from Canon’s customers is that “Do Canon’s professional cameras support live streaming setups?” The answer is: yes, live streaming has always been possible with TV station’s servers. Today, Canon’s products are more compatible with digital platforms. Canon’s homegrown Content Transfer Mobile (CTM) mobile app (iOS only) can connect with cameras, save files, and wirelessly send them to stations’ servers on-the-go, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

    Through Content Transfer Mobile (CTM), the camera crew can download news footage to an iPhone (To enhance the storytelling, editing features are also available for the files that support NewsML-G2standard) and upload directly to a broadcast station FTP server via 4G/5G or Wi-Fi. Uploading to the FTP Server through the CTM app is also possible in a single operation for a more efficient workflow both in studio and on-location shooting. This simplified workflow allows timely, real-time news reporting.

    Canon’s workflow system comes with easy and quick installation, increasing efficiency for the station’s live broadcasting and news reporting. Nowadays, the first to report the complete story wins the race. In news reporting, speed can lead to more views and followers.

    At the event, Canon also introduced its entry-level camcorder HF G70 which comes with an affordable price tag. The compact HF G70 has many of the great specs of the XA-60, flaunting just enough features for production needs.

    Group 3: Cinema Camera & Accessories Integration for Premium HDR VDO Broadcasting

    As a leading broadcast equipment manufacturer with over 20-year experience, Canon has combined its expertise in both Cinema Line and Broadcast Line products to create camera modules that are easily customized.

    For those who prioritize mobility without sacrificing quality can choose the EOS C70, a camera with the slogan "A New Line for the CINEMA EOS System." This cinema camera delivers stunning 4K video qualities that matches a wide variety of content, including documentaries, news, sports, and corporate events. Additionally, it is a cost-effective cinema camera that has been Netflix-approved for shooting Netflix Originals programs. Canon last year introduced a new camera - the EOS R5 C, a hybrid camera that combines 45MP stills and 8K high-resolution video in one device, making it an excellent choice for independent photographers who aim to produce content that can be quickly shared across various platforms.

    It is noteworthy that most of Canon's current Cinema EOS cameras are Netflix-Approved film cameras!

    To meet the demand for HDR and 4K workloads, Canon introduced a range of Reference Display that comes in various sizes, from 18 to 31 inches. The largest of these is the DP-V3120, a massive 31-inch screen size, 2,000 cd/m2 brightness, and 12-G SDI support (4 inputs, 4 outputs). For smaller editing rooms, Canon offers the DP-V1830, an 18-inch 4K screen monitor. Canon also recently released a new monitor, the DP-V2730, a 27-inch 4K screen, delivering a maximum brightness of 1000cd/m2. The monitor supports HDR video for effective monitoring of contrast, color, brightness, and viewing angles.

    Canon is committed to developing products, solutions, and ecosystem to meet the needs of video production at all levels, from large production houses to TV stations that require international standard quality. The broadcast trend is gearing towards Premium HDR VDO production. In this era where players are competing to achieve movie-level picture and sound quality, Canon offers a diverse range of products, accessories, and applications that enable professional photographers to seamlessly blend cinematic quality with broadcast and streaming. For more budget-friendly and flexible options, amateur users who wish to create quality content with simple equipment can opt for Canon's mirrorless and compact digital cameras. The company prioritizes offering a wide range of options and flexibility to meet today’s needs of photographers at all levels.