PowerShot ZOOM (White)

Zoom Closer, Capture Bigger

See further on the go. The PowerShot ZOOM is a mini camera and monocular with up to 800mm* zoom power and fits right into your pocket. Enjoy powerful zoom range and capture still images and Full HD video further and with greater detail than your regular smartphone.

  • Instant 3-step telephoto zoom from 100mm to 400mm to 800mm*
  • Up to 10fps continuous shooting, with autofocus and Image Stabilization
  • Lightweight; easy controls with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


Zoom Closer, Capture Bigger

A brand-new concept camera, the PowerShot ZOOM places a powerful long lens within the palm of your hand, letting you see and capture further with greater detail, anywhere and anytime.


Zoom In

Achieve incredible zoom instantly from 100mm, to 400mm, to 800mm* – further and sharper than conventional smartphones -- with a simple push of a button.  

The Image Stabilizer helps reduce image blurring for steadier image and video capture and more comfortable viewing even when zooming in across great distances with one hand.   


*100mm and 400mm achieved via optical zoom. 800mm is achieved via digital zoom.


Snap It

The PowerShot ZOOM not only lets you see further like a binoculars, it also lets you capture approximately 12-megapixel high quality images.   

When watching moving subjects like wildlife and athletes, autofocus technology and burst shooting at up to 10 frames per second allow you to capture a continuous series of shots so you don’t miss the precious moment.   


Record It

The PowerShot ZOOM is also capable of recording Full HD movies in approx. 30p, complete with Movie Servo AF that tracks the subjects in your video, keeping them in focus as they move. 

Share the Moment

Zoomed in on a rare bird or your favourite artist on stage? Share precious or critical moments with others using the PowerShot ZOOM’s Wi-Fi connectivity, which you can link up with your smart devices to unlock more functionalities.


Share Your Screen

While looking through the viewfinder, you can also project a live view of what you are seeing in the camera to your smartphone.   

Simply install the Canon Camera Connect app on your phone and connect to your PowerShot Zoom via Wi-Fi. Your companions can then enjoy the same view as you through the smartphone! 


Share Photos and Videos 

Capture photos or videos on your PowerShot Zoom and share them instantly and conveniently to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.   

Playback your photos and videos from the comfort of your smartphone, or upload to social media to share to a larger audience!


Shoot Remotely   

While watching Live View on your smartphone or tablet, you can trigger your PowerShot ZOOM remotely to snap a picture using the Canon Camera Connect app on your phone or tablet. 

Pocket-sized Camera, Powerful Zoom For All Occasions

Weighing just approximately 145g, the PowerShot ZOOM is as small and lightweight as your typical smartphone. Handling with one hand is a breeze, even for long hours. Easily slip it into your bag or pocket or sling it conveniently around your wrist for any occasion.

Safari & Hiking Trips

Whip out the PowerShot ZOOM from your pocket to quickly spot and lock focus on elusive birds and plants that are out of reach, or even dangerous wildlife that you need to watch from a safe distance.  


If you need to travel light, the PowerShot ZOOM is a simpler and lightweight alternative to sophisticated telephoto lenses, while offering longer zoom than most smartphones for a closer look at buildings and scenery. 

Cruise & Marine Wildlife Watching

Having minimal luggage is much preferred when sailing out to the open sea. The PowerShot ZOOM removes all that hassle, while allowing you to zoom in to whales and dolphins and capture the perfect moment when they leap out of the water. 

Sports Events

Be it a golf, basketball or soccer match, or a friendly game that your child is participating in, the PowerShot ZOOM is perfect for zooming in and tracking players on the field from your seat in the spectator stand.  

Live Performances

Get a closer experience of your favourite artistes or your child performing on stage.   

Note: Shooting is prohibited at certain performance events. Please check the event regulations and enjoy. 

Corporate Use

As a discreet and portable camera, the PowerShot ZOOM can also come in handy for certain industry usage, such as surveillance, journalism, and building maintenance. 

Simple, Nifty Design 


  • MicroSD card memory storage (microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC)
  • USB-C fast charging (Power Delivery compatible)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Large, high resolution viewfinder
  • Simple button controls 


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