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Get your camera ready for your long-weekend holidays this April with Canon's Express checkup and cleaning services.

Canon is pleased to welcome the Thai NewYear with a special promotion during 18 March 2024 - 30 April 2024 only at Canon Service Center, Sathorn Square Office Tower.

  • This promotion is available for customers who use Express services at Canon Service Center atSathorn Square Office Tower, 24th Floor only.o This promotion is available for customers who purchase Canon cameras, lenses and accessoriesunder official warranty only.
  • Customers can enjoy this promotion every working day from Monday to Friday, exceptSaturday-Sunday, public holidays and other special holidays as announced by Canon.
  • While there is no restriction to the number of Canon products eligible for this promotion percustomer during the entire period, kindly take note of the terms and conditions of thispromotion as specified below:
    • Free Express service shall be limited up to only 2 items per service job per customer.Canon shall offer free Express service for not more than 40 service jobs in total per day,divided into two sessions per day
    • Morning session, from 8:15am to 11:30am 20 service jobs
    • Afternoon session, from 13:00pm to 16:00pm 20 service jobs
    • Customers who wish to use free Express service for more than 2 items shall be requiredto split up their request for Express service, one limited to not more than 2 items only,which means that for the subsequent request (for the 3rd, 4th items and so on),customers will need to start a new queue all over again.
    • For this promotion, customers who drop off their product for Express service in themorning can reclaim their product back in the afternoon, while customers who drop offtheir product for in the afternoon can reclaim their product back in the next morning.
  • This promotion is not applicable to any express repair service for which the required spare partsare not available.
  • Customers must confirm to use the Express repair service immediately after being informed ofthe details of the repair job by Canon staff by phone.
  • In regard to the Express repair service for which Canon has spare parts available, customerscan reclaim their product back within the next 3 working days and the Express Service chargeshall be waived, except for the case in which the cameras sustain severe damages ie. beingdropped, falling into water, etc. and the extent of damages requires intensive testing.
  • This promotion is not applicable to extra cleaning service ie. mold cleaning, rust cleaning, etc.inside the device.o This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will use personal information that customers provide(when filling in the form) for the purpose of notification, verification and identification underthis promotion only. It will manage customers’ personal information in compliance with therelated law and Canon’s relevant policies. Customers can view more details about Canon’sInformation Security policy at
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shall bedeemed final. Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reserves its right to amend or cancel this promotion,including other relevant details, without prior notice.