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    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10 (x64)
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1 (x64)
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 8 (x64)
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7 (x64)
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista (x64)
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    This file is a handy application program that allows you to create and print your own album, calendar, stickers, and CD-ROM labels* using the images you recorded with your digital camera. And furthermore, you can easily print borderless photos and so on.

    *: Only for the models supporting CD-ROM printing.

    Update History

    1.Windows 11 has been added as a supported OS.
    2.The supported models have been added.
    3.The following new media have been added to [Media Type].

    - Photo Paper Plus Glossy II A
    - Glossy Photo Paper A
    4.The following problem has been rectified:
    When the [Glossy Photo Paper] is selected, the "Amount of Extension" in the borderless printing is not available.

    1.The supported models have been added.
    2.Windows 10 has been added as a supported OS.
    3.The following problem has been rectified.
    Phenomenon :
    When searching images by Flickr of Photo Sharing Site contained, the error message "Cannot communicate with the photo sharing site~" is displayed and also the search result fails to be displayed.

    4.The following medias have been supported:
    - Photo Paper Pro Luster
    - Photo Paper Pro Platinum N
    - Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte
    - Glossy Photo Paper N
    - Matte Photo Paper N

    - The supported models have been added.
    - Windows 8.1 has been added as a supported OS.
    - The problem that the print results on the surface of printable disc shift with [Disc Label / Case Cover] function has been rectified.

    - The supported models have been added.

    1.Windows 8 has been added as a supported OS.
    2.The supported models have been added.
    3.When using the following printer drivers, [Photo Paper Plus Glossy II N] can be selected from [Media Type]:
    - Pro9000 Mark II Printer Driver GDI v2.29a / XPS v5.29a
    - PRO-1 Printer Driver GDI v2.52 / XPS v5.52

    When using "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II" with "PRO-1, Pro9000 Mark II; Photo Paper Plus Glossy II N," select "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II N" in [Media Type] in Easy-PhotoPrint EX v4.1.0

    1.The supported models have been added.

    2.From the Ver. 4.0.0, Windows 2000 will not be supported.
    Therefore, Easy-PhotoPrint EX cannot be installed in the Windows 2000 environment.

    3.Supports printing on the printable disc, and the jacket, stored in the case along with the disc.

    4.The following three functions have been added to the function of Auto Frame Capturing:
    -At Auto Frame Capturing, the setting for automatically selecting frames with less blurry can be specified.
    -So that the captured images fall in one page, they are laid out with the best size.
    -The composite with a flowing motion can be created by combining the images captured from the movie files photographed using a tripod, etc.

    5.The following five enhancements can be used in each function of Easy-PhotoPrint EX such as Photo Print, Album, Calendar, etc.:
    - Fish-eye Effect
    - Miniature Effect
    - Toy Camera Effect
    - Soft Focus
    - Blur Background

    6.The UI of the [Date Settings] button in Photo Print has been changed.

    7.In the function other than PhotoPrint of Easy-PhotoPrint EX, the [Image] menu has newly been added. Then, the items regarding the images in the [Edit] menu have moved to the [Image] menu.

    8.The history of keyword searching when associating with a photo-sharing website can be deleted.

    9.The following problem has been rectified in the Ver. 4.0.0:
    Even when only one layout icon is selected in printing Premium Contents, it can be deleted.

    10.The following problem has been rectified in the Ver. 4.0.0:
    In the progress bar displayed while correcting images in "Collect / Enhance Images" even if the Cancel button is pressed, the icon indicating the correction is added appears, however, the image is not actually corrected.

    - New models have been added to the supported models.

    1.A frame (still image) can be cropped from a movie file and also can be used in each function of Easy-PhotoPrint EX such as photo printing, album printing, calendar printing, etc.
    (1)Before performing cropping movie files, install Zoom Browser EX Ver. 6.5 or higher in advance.
    (2)Not supported in the Windows 2000 / Windows XP x64 environment.
    [Supported movie file]
    A movie data taken by Canon digital camera supporting MOV-format movie file shooting.
    (Codec format: MPEG-4AVC)

    2.A rich variety of images in a photo-sharing website can be directly obtained, and also can be used in each function of Easy-PhotoPrint EX such as photo printing, album printing, calendar printing, etc.
    (1)The collaborative photo-sharing website is currently "Flickr" only.
    (2)Not supported in the Windows 2000 environment.

    3.The function that the correction can be performed by estimating the conditions such as light source, lighting direction, etc. of both the face part and the brightest part of the original image has been added to Auto Photo Fix.

    4.The "Advanced" button has been added in the "Manual" tab of "Collect / Enhance Images."

    5.When a paper size is "A4" in "Layout Print," "T-Shirt Transfers" can be selected in "Paper Type."

    - The following problem has been rectified:
    Easy-PhotoPrint EX cannot be collaboratively launched from Digital Photo Professional.

    - The following problem has been rectified:
    Although you changed the value of the setting items in Data settings during Print Photo operation, Easy-PhotoPrint EX does not reflect/retain the changed setting values when next time it is launched. The applicable settings are "Text Orientation," "Position," "Font Size," and "Color."

    - Officially supports Windows 7.

    - The installation operation has been improved.

    - The problem that a kind of dot or line is printed on the frame has been rectified.

    - The problem that some background materials are not installed has been rectified.

    - Easy-PhotoPrint EX enables to print the image and the album saved to CANON iMAGE GATEWAY.

    - Supports Auto Photo Fix II.

    - The additional materials for album can be downloaded directly from the exclusive website and added to Easy-PhotoPrint EX.

    - "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II" has been added as a sticker media.

    - The problem that the error message "Error occurred." is displayed and printing photo will not be performed in some models has been rectified.

    System requirements

    Windows 11
    Windows 10(32bit)
    Windows 10(64bit)
    Windows 8.1(32bit)
    Windows 8.1(64bit)
    Windows 8(32bit)
    Windows 8(64bit)
    Windows 7(32bit)
    Windows 7(64bit)
    Windows Vista(32bit)
    Windows Vista(64bit)
    Windows XP SP2 or later

    The supported OS conforms to the system requirements of the product.


    1.When CANON iMAGE GATEWAY is opened using Microsoft Edge, images cannot be given to My Image Garden or Easy-PhotoPrint EX, with the message stating that the service is not available.
    Use Internet Explorer.

    2.Other than Photo Print function, when reading a RAW image (Tiff-RAW) taken by the digital camera "EOS-1D" or "EOS-1Ds," the thumbnail image of that RAW image is displayed in black

    (Preventive action)
    When linking to ZoomBrowser EX (Ver. 5.8 or later), launch Easy-PhotoPrint EX after converting the RAW image to 16 bit-Tiff, 8 bit-Tiff, or JPEG and save. Then select the saved image and it will be displayed as a thumbnail image.

    3.When trying to open the data (.el6) saved in Photo Print, the error message "Failed to load data." appears.
    When the printer used for saving data in Easy-PhotoPrint EX is different from the one used for launching Easy-PhotoPrint EX, and when the media information (Page Size or Media Type) included in the saved data is not supported in the driver where Easy-PhotoPrint EX is launched.

    (Preventive action)
    Install the same printer driver as when the data was saved.

    4.The [Disc Label/Case Cover] function:
    (1) Even when the connected printer does not support printing on the printable disc, [Disc Label/Case Cover] is always displayed in the main menu of Easy-PhotoPrint EX.
    (2) In case of (1), execute [Disc Label/Case Cover], and the warning message "A printer supporting the selected paper size is not installed." will be displayed.

    5.The [Disc Label/Case Cover] function:
    Even when clicking [Disc Label/Case Cover] of Easy-PhotoPrint EX, "CD Label Print" is not collaboratively launched.

    Setup instruction

    Download / Installation Procedures
    1. Download the file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
    2. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to decompress it, then installation will start automatically.

    File information

    1. File name : eppx-win-4_7_0-en.exe
    2. File version : 4.7.0
    3. File size : 58956KB


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