Cannot receive fax - Unable to receive faxes automatically.



    Cannot receive fax - Unable to receive faxes automatically.
    Cannot receive fax - Unable to receive faxes automatically.

    Cause and Solution

    Is the machine set to receive faxes automatically?
    For the machine to receive faxes automatically, the receive mode must be set to <FaxOnly>, <FaxTel>, <NET SWITCH>, or <AnsMode>. If you have set <AnsMode>, confirm that an external telephone with answering system or answering machine is connected to the machine and that it is turned on with an outgoing message properly recorded.
    Select the Receive Mode that Suits Your Needs
    Follow this procedure to set the machine for receiving faxes.
    The default setting is <FaxOnly>.

    Are documents stored in memory, leaving little or no memory available?
    Print, send, or delete any documents stored in memory.
    Check and Delete Fax Documents Stored in Memory
    System monitor enables you to view and monitor the status of the send and receive jobs currently being processed.

    Has an error occurred during reception?
    Print an Activity Report and check for an error.
    The default setting is <OUTPUT YES>.

    Is paper loaded in the machine?
    Make sure paper is loaded in the machine.
    Load Paper
    1. Lift the paper stack cover and pull it out.
    See[Load Paper]

    Is the telephone cable connected properly?
    Make sure the cable is connected properly.
    Connect Telephone Cables
    Connect the supplied telephone cables to the telephone line jack (A) on the back side of the machine and the wall jack.

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