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    Prestige Estates Projects Limited

    The Prestige Group has long been looked upon by our associates and business partners as a company of innovation. Naturally, we strive to uphold this image, be it internally or externally. 

    Mr. Milan Khurana
    Executive Director
    The Prestige Group's HR, Admin & IT



    • Inefficient manual retrieval of hardcopy documents
    • Missing or misfiled documents hinder business processes
    • Unable to track personnel's access of documents
    • Lack of a proper audit trail of documents


    • Therefore™ document management solution
    • imageFORMULA document scanners


    • Quick and easy information retrieval
    • No more missing or misfiled documents
    • Easy tracking of information access
    • A clear audit trail

    Business Overview

    Prestige Estates Projects Limited, a real estate property development company in South India, has completed over 201 projects spanning more than 78 million square feet since its inception in 1986. Presently a public-listed company, it handles 60 ongoing projects covering over 61.33 million square feet, with another 36 ventures in the pipeline. Prestige Group has firmly established itself as one of South India's most successful developers of real estate by imprinting its indelible mark across all asset classes. Prestige's expertise leaves footprints in major cities across South India including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Mangalore and Goa. As an industry forerunner, Prestige has developed Retail Malls, Large Townships, Tech Parks, Luxury Villas, SEZs and Hotels such as Conrad, Sheraton Grand & JW Marriott amongst others.

    The Challenge

    Growing Mountain Of Paperwork

    As business continued to soar, so did the amount of property documents. These include paperwork relating to property loans from banks, deeds relating to ownership of the properties as well as a wide array of customer documents from booking to registration forms. The average tenure of a project is about three to four years with the average correspondences amounting to some 250 pages. These would house vital information such as booking dates, details pertaining to the customer, unit, cost and payment.

    Old Ways In A New Landscape

    Over the years, Prestige has amassed a vast collection of hard copy documents which are frequently accessed by personnel from the Legal, Sales and Marketing and CRM departments in the company. The retrieval process was manually operated by a Document Controlling team. The personnel would place their requests for the required documents, after which the team would search for them in filing cabinets and hand over the physical copies. Upon completion of use, the documents would be collected and filed back into the same location. A log book was maintained to track the ins and outs of each document.

    Need For Speed And Accountability

    Communications with clients normally take place through e-mails, and data accuracy as well as the speed of retrieving information are extremely important. In today's landscape of technological advancement, the old process is no longer adequate to serve the needs of the company. Apart from the slow retrieval process, the company also finds itself plagued with the perils of loss and misplacement of critical documents, a lack of audit trail and inadequate document tracking.

    The Solution

    Achieving Workflow Efficiency

    With the implementation of Therefore™ document management solution (DMS), Prestige's document retrieval process underwent a massive overhaul, allowing the different personnel to access the required documents quickly and securely. An electronic filing cabinet is created and hard copy documents are captured using Canon imageFORMULA document scanners. They are then indexed and organised together with other related documents in the form of electronic files. The workflow design functionality allows the Document Controlling team to monitor and control the flow of information within the company. It also allows for the flexibility to define workflow processes and document storage policies. To preserve the integrity of information, the users work closely with the Document Controlling team to upload new documents into the system.

    Easy On The Users
    Therefore™ does not require installation of software on the users' workstations, cutting down on the hassle during process implementation. Its easy-to-use graphical interface ensures that users familiarise with the system in no time. Document searches can be executed with a few clicks on the Navigator function. To increase efficiency, users can edit, print and share the documents within Therefore™. Its security flexibility also allows for different levels of access and permission among the personnel. Supported by a web-based platform, the staff can access the required documents anywhere, anytime.

    The Results

    Customer service has improved dramatically with the ease and speed of information retrieval. Problems with missing or misplaced documents were a thing of the past. In addition, the management team can track the personnel access to the various documents including time, date and length of use. A clear audit trail of documents is now possible.

    During the implementation process, the biggest challenge was the scanning of all hard copy documents into Therefore™ DMS. Besides providing comprehensive training to the Document Controlling team who are charged with administering the system within the company, Canon also helped to create the categories and indexed fields to start things off. This was followed up with training to the users across the various departments, facilitating a smooth transition from the old to the new process.

    "The Prestige Group has long been looked upon by our associates and business partners as a company of innovation. Naturally, we strive to uphold this image, be it internally or externally. When we identified a gap in our business process, Canon was our natural choice due to our long working relationship built upon trust. We are happy with the solution they have recommended and appreciate that they made the implementation a seamless one." Mr. Milan Khurana, Executive Director of Prestige's HR, Admin & IT