Canon certified as a Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO) - Canon Thailand

    Canon certified as a Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO)

    Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been certified as a ‘Climate Action Leading Organization’ (CALO) by the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network: TCNN at the meeting of the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network Committee No. 2/2024 on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

    A Climate Action Leading Organization (CALO) is an organization which demonstrates leadership in managing and taking responsibility for its greenhouse gas emissions through a declaration of intention to reduce emissions and advance toward carbon neutrality at the organizational level with an established target year and implementation plan that is consistent with scientific facts and the Paris Agreement’s goals and at the same time received carbon footprint certification and other related standards from TGO or equivalent international standards. The Thailand Carbon Neutral Network is an organization dedicated to promoting carbon neutrality among various entities. It provides guidance, supports greenhouse gas reduction projects, fosters sustainable development, facilitates knowledge exchange, and advocates for favorable government policies to encourage participation in carbon reduction efforts. TCNN's primary goal is to help organizations achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to environmental sustainability.