Canon Expands Presence in Professional Printing Market with New Large Format Printers from imagePROGRAF GP and imagePROGRAF PRO Series, Ideal for High-Resolution Photos and Artworks - Canon Thailand

    Canon Expands Presence in Professional Printing Market with
    New Large Format Printers from imagePROGRAF GP and imagePROGRAF PRO Series,
    Ideal for High-Resolution Photos and Artworks

    The imagePROGRAF GP series introduces new orange pigment ink for enhanced vibrancy in digital artwork,
    while the imagePROGRAF PRO series delivers unparalleled quality for professional-grade work.

    Canon, a leader in imaging technology, expands its presence in the professional and commercial printer market with the launch of its high-performance large-format printers in the imagePROGRAF GP (GP-526S/546S/566S) and imagePROGRAF PRO (PRO-526/546/566) series. Utilizing innovative LUCIA PRO II1 ink, these printers deliver high-speed capability with vibrant, accurate color prints that are resistant to fading, scratches, and sunlight. They cater to diverse needs, from outdoor advertising posters requiring durability and precision, to indoor artwork demanding high detail, and high-resolution photo prints for professional photographers seeking unparalleled and ultra-high quality.

    The New imagePROGRAF GP Series Large Format Printers (GP-526S/546S/566S)

    The 7-color large-format printer, with its new orange and gray pigment ink, offers high-speed printing with smooth, beautiful color gradations.

    The three new imagePROGRAF GP series large format printers feature the innovative LUCIA PRO II orange and gray ink, delivering the performance of a 7-color large format printer with vibrant prints and smooth color gradients. These printers excel in fast, high-quality poster printing. They also boast advanced color reproduction, covering 96% of the PANTONE™ FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated table, making them perfect for product advertising requiring specific color tones. Additionally, prints on glossy or semi-glossy media have enhanced scratch resistance, simplifying transport, installation, display, and storage of the work.

    The New imagePROGRAF PRO Series Large Format Printers (PRO-526/546/566)

    Designed to meet the highest quality demands, this printer features 12-color pigment ink with excellent scratch resistance, producing vibrant, beautiful prints that can last up to 200 years2.

    The LUCIA PRO II inks provide a wide color gamut, making it ideal for printing professional photography and fine art on various media. It can produce deep, rich blacks for enhanced expression and increased color reproduction in the dark areas of an image, allowing for clearer visibility of small details in these regions. Additionally, printing on glossy or semi-glossy paper, which maintains the deep black print quality, enhances scratch and sunlight resistance. This ensures that the workpieces can be preserved for a long time while maintaining high print quality.

    In addition, the new large format printers from both series — imagePROGRAF GP (GP-526S/546S/566S) and imagePROGRAF PRO (PRO-526/546/566) series — also come equipped with a range of high-end features, including:

    New Design Simplify Users’ Daily Operation

    The printer features translucent exteriors for the roll paper and ink tank covers, enabling users to easily check consumables. Interior lighting enhances visibility of the output during printing. The wide printer panel offers a clear view of remaining roll paper and ink levels at a glance. Additionally, the newly developed ink sensing system periodically monitors the ink ejection condition to optimize the ink landing position, ensuring high image quality and preventing image degradation due to color shift.

    Additionally, the printer features a "Smart Roll Paper Set" function that automatically detects the paper source, paper type, and estimates the remaining amount of paper. This facilitates quick paper roll setup, reducing the hassle of use and enabling more continuous printing.

    Environmentally Friendly Product Packaging

    To reduce environmental impact, the new GP and PRO series large format inkjet printers come in cardboard packaging instead of Styrofoam. The use of polystyrene foam packing materials has been reduced by 89.5% in the 'GP-546S3' and 'PRO-5464' models. Corrugated cardboard packaging can be folded to be more compact, reducing the amount of waste generated during installation and the load for disposal.

    Using Styrofoam as packing material (Previous)

    Using cardboard as packing material (New)


    The latest imagePROGRAF GP series 7-color and imagePROGRAF PRO series 12-color printers are now available at authorized Canon dealers.

    1 (For New imagePROGRAF GP Series) Newly developed pigment inks are 5 out of the 7 inks installed. Only matte black and orange use same ink as imagePROGRAF GP-540/520. (For New imagePROGRAF PRO Series) Newly developed pigment inks are 11 out of the 12 inks installed. Only matte black uses same ink as imagePROGRAF GP-540/520
    2 When using Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum. Predicted value calculated in accordance with the indoor light resistance test method and life evaluation criteria of the digital color photographic print image preservation evaluation method (JEITA CP-3901B) published by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association).
    3 Ratio by weight, GP-566S reduced by 58.9% and GP-526S does not use polystyrene foam in product packaging.
    4 Ratio by weight, PRO-566 reduced by 58.9% and PRO-526 by 100%.