Warranty Terms and Conditions - Canon Thailand

Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, (“CMT”) warrants exclusively the product imported and distributed by CMT, and purchased from authorized stores or distributor in Thailand. The Warranty period is valid from the purchasing date through the specified period on the front page of this warranty.
  2. Warranty shall cover damage to product from normal usage or manufacturing defect only. Customer shall deliver the product to Canon Service Center and be responsible for other expenses incurred from delivering the product to Canon Service Center such as insurance, custodian fee, transportation fee and taxation, etc.
  3. CMT guarantees to repair and replace parts without charge under the following conditions:

    3.1 To deliver the product within warranty period to Canon Service Center, Customer shall present the full filled out warranty card without any amendments such as crossed, erased, amended, or torn, unless Customer has registered the warranty online through https://warranty.th.canon In addition, Customer shall present the receipt for proof of purchase indicating the date of purchase, type of product, name of store or distributor, when delivering product to acquire the service, otherwise, CMT reserves the right to refuse warranty.
    3.2 This warranty does not include consumables such as cartridge, ink, toner, print head, case, scanner, drum, paper, light bulbs, extrusion heat set (fixing), roller, ITD, ITB, Oil & Web Roller, Waste Ink, absorber and; other components such as copy board glass, telephone headset, external cover, hard & floppy disk drivers, interface units, adapter, batteries, charger, etc.
    3.3 This warranty shall not cover for software driver or utility program that is part of the product set.
    3.4 Damages that is not covered by this warranty i.e. misusage, storage of product under improper environment, the operational system and peripherals does not qualify as stated in the manual or peripherals not appropriate to product’s usage, damage caused by animal or insect entering into the product, customized or modification to part of product, disaster, natural disaster or force majeure, electric power outages or water entering the product etc. Customer shall be responsible for part, service fee and expenses to deliver product into service.
    3.5 This warranty does not include any damage incurred against people or property or business loss of customer.

    Remarks: In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of usage and long life cycle without causing further damage, Customer is recommended to use the genuine part, consumable and/or service from CMT or CMT’s distributor only.