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Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security Policy

No. QEHS 001 / 2022
Subject: Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Information Security Policy

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. operates its business by selling and providing services for office automation products, cameras, and other related products under the brand name “Canon”. At Canon, we stress the importance of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and information security in accordance with the “Kyosei” philosophy, meaning harmoniously living and working together for common benefits with an emphasis on QEHS systems. The Management team and every staff commit to the following:

1. The company intends on ensuring satisfaction for all customer requirements, including:

  • Excellent quality products
  • On-time Delivery and meeting of all requirements
  • Impressive service
    All of these things will establish both customer confidence and satisfaction under the slogan

“Focus on providing customer satisfaction on the quality of products and services”

2. Comply with both domestic and international laws and regulations concerning quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and information security such as customer requirements, Thai Green Label requirements and Environmental Management System requirements etc.

3. Create, educate, and raise awareness of environmental, occupational health and safety, and information security management policies to employees, suppliers and outsources, ensuring compliance with company policies.

4. Encourage employees to participate in energy conservation, environmental saving activities e.g. ink/cartridge return campaign, hazardous waste segregation campaign. It is considered to be objective and goal to practice and review continuously.

5. Eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks. Prevent accidents and injuries resulting from work, including vehicle use, electricity use, chemical use and illness caused from work related disease and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Company will provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health and provide a risk-related protective equipment and equipment for preventing infectious diseases including consultation and participation of workers and where they exist workers’ representatives.

6. There are measures and practices to strengthen information security for confidential information, both the company and the customer.

7. Company will monitor the implementation of policies and objectives contribution for the efficiency, effectiveness and continual improvement.

Announced on February 7th, 2022

(Mr. Hiroshi Yokota)
President & CEO

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Canon’s Group Environmental Policy

Canon’s philosophy

Grow and develop firmly with the world creation and happiness of mankind.

Environmental Philosophy
Determine to research for the worthy utilization of resources and present the quality innovations for the sustainable development.

Environmental Policy
Operate business alongside the natural resources and environmental conservation. All Canon products adhere to EQCD to develop new innovations to use the natural resources wisely, worthily and and free from toxin for the safety of life and environmentally friendly.

EQCD Concept
E : Environment (environmental assurance) Companies are not qualified to manufacture goods if they are incapable of environmental assurance.
Q : Quality Companies are not qualified to market goods if they are incapable of producing quality goods.
C : Cost Companies are not qualified to compete if they are incapable of meeting cost and delivery requirements.
D : Delivery

  • Promote all affiliated companies worldwide to implement the environmental policy.
  • Monitor and evaluate the environmental impacts of products.
  • Support the research, technology and raw material development for environment and propagate knowledge to society.
  • Comply with the local and state laws and agreement between Canon and stakeholders strictly. Sponsor natural resources and energy conservation and minimize the use of toxin in all work processes.
  • Prioritize the environmentally friendly to supply and purchase raw material, parts and products.
  • Determine the environmental management system (EMS), regularly review the environmental objectives and goals to prevent the pollution and minimize the environmental destruction.
  • Communicate or announce the policy and progress of environmental tasks to all stakeholders.
  • Encourage and promote the personnel to be aware of the significance of environment.
  • Strengthen the relationship with the government, community and other relevant authorities by supporting and participating in the activity to conserve natural resources and environment.

Announced on March 23rd, 2007

About Canon - Environmental Policies - Fujio Mitarai

(Mr.Fujio Mitarai)
President and CEO
Canon Inc
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Environmental Management Standard Certification : ISO 14001

About Canon - Environmental policies - Canon Singapore - Business

Being certified with ISO 14001 bases on the international standard determined by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is for the organization who is aware of the work process control that would not affect the environment.

Canon associated companies worldwide, including Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., were certified with ISO 14001 in June 2007 under the environmental philosophy of Canon to perform business concurrently with the natural resources and environmental conservation for the sustain development.

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has implemented the environmental philosophy of Canon as the fundamental principle for operating the environmental management system for the Canon service center nationwide and are certified with ISO 14001 includes the head office, Chiang Mai Branch, Khon Kaen Branch, and Workshop in Pathum Thani. We will continue maintaining the standard and develop the system constantly.

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Environmental Management Standard Certification : Green Label

About Canon - Environmental policies - Canon Thailand - Business

Green Label
(Green Label or eco-label) is the label for the product that has less environmental impacts comparing to other products with the same function while the quality still meet the standard. Therefore, green label is the drive to alert the manufacturer or supplier to compete among themselves to upgrade products and service quality focusing on the environmental impact. Green label is the non-compulsory measure due to the necessity for restoration and maintaining environment and development accordingly which leads to the sustainable development emphasizing on the participation of the key sectors i.e. manufacturers and consumers. Currently, more than 30 countries worldwide implement this project.

Green Label in Thailand
The Thai Green Label Scheme was initiated by the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) in October 1993. It was formally launched in August 1994 by Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and other relevant agencies to act out concretely. Therefore, it is considered an environmental label of Thailand arising from cooperation between government agencies and various central organizations. The Thai Industrial Standards Institute and the Thai Environment Institute act as secretaries.

Green Label Concept

  • Green label certifies a product which has been assessed and verified that it meets environmental standards in accordance with the product criteria announced by the
  • Green Label Policy and Management Committee.
  • Green label certification is a voluntary based which manufacturer, distributor or service provider who want to show responsibility for the environment.
  • Green label is a tool to build good environmental awareness among consumers by introducing products that have less environmental impact and encourage more consumption of that products.
  • Green label encourage manufacturer industry groups turn to clean technology production that have less environmental impact.
  • Green label encourages the government and the private sector

Principle of Product Selection for Green Label

  • Be the consumer products such as paper, paints, energy-saving or water-saving equipment (not include drugs, drinks and food).
  • Reckon the environmental impacts and benefits of the product when it is in the market.
  • Require the simple and cost-saving inspection measure to evaluate the product quality.
  • Have the alternative to the manufacturer to manufacture with less environmental impacts.

Environmental Principle for Work Guidance
Since green label certifies the product with less environmental impacts comparing to the products with the same function, therefore, the Green Label Management Commission has set the environmental principle to operate the project and use as the fundamental guidelines for product selection. Criteria and regulations for the product are as follows.

  • Highly efficient current, new, and consumed resources management.
  • Reduction of environmental problem which is the crucial problem of Thailand by promoting the efficient manufacturing, transport, consumption, and disposal reduction.
  • Reuse of garbage and hazardous waste for other purposed.

The environmental impact assessment shall consider the direct impacts throughout the whole life cycle of product.

Refference : Thailand Environment Institute
website : https://www.tei.or.th/greenlabel/
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Environmental Policy for Green Office Project

Canon Marketing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has the policy for environmental management leading to the green office. To efficiently fertilize the policy and achieve the goal the environmental policy for Green Office Project is announced under the determination to execute the policy of the top executives and all employees.

  1. Comply with the environmental laws and standards of green office according to the criteria of Department of Environmental Quality Promotion.
  2. Promote the efficient usage control of energy, water, and other resources in the office constantly.
  3. Determine to improve the environment by having the environmental friendly procurement.
  4. Encourage the awareness of waste and pollutions prevention and reduction from work activities.
  5. Campaign the reduction of greenhouse gas emission from all work activities in the office.
  6. Communicate the environmental policy to the personnel and propagate to the outsider to express the determination of the office to conserve the environment.
  7. The executives and Environmental Commission of Green Office Project shall review and revise the policy, goal and environmental operation plan of green office project continuously and follow up the achievement every year.

Announced on December 22rd, 2018

Mr.Phongthep Prasertvoranun
Executive representative​​​​​​​
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