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    Why Use Genuine Canon Toners?

    High Quality Printouts

    To the untrained eye, it might look like fine black powder, but Canon genuine toner is specially designed to bring out the best in your laser printing device, facilitating sharp characters and detailed images, and ensuring that your Canon printer always operates at peak performance to deliver exceptional printouts. 

    Protect Your Device

    The photosensitive drum unit is one of the most sensitive imaging components in the laser printer. Third party toner can accumulate on the drum and the fixing roller, resulting in printouts with unsightly lines, blurring or gray backgrounds. It can also damage your printer. The use of Canon genuine toner ensures the proper function of the drum unit, resulting in crisp, clean documents every time.

    Peace Of Mind

    Damage to your Canon product caused by the use of non-genuine consumables will not be covered under your Canon warranty. Therefore, use Canon genuine toner to ensure peace of mind and optimal compatibility with your Canon device. 

    The Smart Guide to Buy Genuine Toner Cartridges

    Identifying Genuine Toner Cartridges

    The Canon Genuine Security Label can be found on the box exterior of Canon genuine toner cartridges.

    Buy from Authorised Dealers

    Do approach your nearest Authorised Canon Representative for purchase to ensure that you have the genuine product. 

    Beware of Counterfeits

    Issues Arising From Use of Counterfeits

    Counterfeit Canon toner and toner cartridges are found in many countries. The production and sale of such counterfeits is a criminal offence in many countries. Users of counterfeit Canon toner and toner cartridges risk poor equipment performance, inferior print quality, toner leakage, and lower cartridge (page) yield compared to users of genuine Canon products.

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