Canon Digital Cinema Camera EOS C500 Mark II Firmware Version [Windows]





    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10 (x64)
    • Windows 10


    Firmware Version incorporates the following enhancements:
    1.The following features are enabled when the following lens is attached: CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L S/SP:
    -Displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached.
    -Displaying T number.
    -Support for Peripheral Illumination Correction and Chromatic Lens Aberration Correction.
    -Support for [Dual Pixel Focus Guide]. (CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 L S only)
    2.Adds support for the Canon Multi-Camera Control.
    3.Adds support for the Remote Camera Controller RC-IP1000.
    4.Adds Digital-Teleconverter function. (1.5x / 2x / 2.5x / 3x)
    5.Adds [_Proxy] option in XF-AVC proxy media name.
    6.Improves Vector Scope.
    -Changes to display [BT.2020] in the frame when the color space is set to BT.2020.
    -Changes to always display the target color name.

    For further information, please refer to the latest version of the camera's Instruction Manual that is released with the firmware update.

    - Please use an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card that is 512MB or greater to perform the firmware update.
    - Firmware version is for updating EOS C500 Mark II cameras running firmware version - If your camera's firmware is already version, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Once the camera is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous version.
    - Please refrain from loading menu settings generated using the most recent firmware version to a product running an old firmware version, as doing so may affect camera operations.

    Preparations for a firmware update:
    - After the firmware update has been performed, the camera's menu settings will be reset. It is recommended that, prior to starting update operations, users save their menu settings as settings data to an SD card, separate from the one that will be used to carry out the update. This saved data can be loaded into the camera and the settings can be changed after the update has been completed. For further information on this, please refer to the section in the unit's Instruction Manual titled "Saving and Loading Camera Settings".
    - The downloaded folder contains the firmware (file name: VPC15.FIR / file size: 84,593,696 byte), and instructions on the firmware update procedures (a PDF file in five languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese). Prior to starting the firmware update operations, please be sure to carefully review and confirm your understanding of these instructions.

    Regarding the Software Included in this Firmware:
    The software included in this firmware is comprised of software modules developed by both Canon and third parties.

    Software Developed by Canon and Free Software:
    Software developed or created by Canon and accompanying document is protected by copyright law, terms of an international convention and any other governing laws.
    This product uses software modules under copyright by third parties and distributed as free software. Some of these software modules are subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or any other license.

    Display of License Information of Free Software Modules Included in this Firmware:
    The license information required to be displayed for the free software modules included with this firmware is saved in the download file. To check the free software module licenses, please refer to the "eosc300mk3-c500mk2-ossinfo.pdf".

    Obtaining Source Codes of Free Software:
    Some free software modules require the acquisition of the source code in order to distribute the executable form of those software modules. To obtain the source code for the software modules, please refer to the "eosc300mk3-c500mk2-ossinfo.pdf".

    The following items are required to perform this firmware update:
    1. Camera Body EOS C500 Mark II
    2. A computer (OS requirements: Windows 11, Windows 10)
    3. SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card with a capacity of 512MB or more (commercially available)
    4. An SD card reader/writer (commercially available) or an SD card slot built into the computer
    5. A fully charged battery pack for the camera
    6. Compact power adapter bundled with the camera
    7. The firmware (the downloaded file)

    Firmware Version
    1.The following features are enabled when the following lenses are attached: CN-E14-35mm T1.7 L S
    - Displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached.
    - Displaying T number.
    - Support for Peripheral Illumination Correction and Chromatic Lens Aberration Correction.
    - Support for [Dual Pixel Focus Guide].
    2.Enhances Clear Scan resolution.
    3.Enables to change WFM size.
    4.Enables to change Vector scope gain by touch.
    5.Enables to change WFM/Vector scope transparency.
    6.Enhances SDI-OUT functions.
    - Adds the ability to output PsF when in S&F mode. (16:9 only)
    - Enables Peaking in assistance display.

    Firmware Version
    1. The default setting of the "Rec Command" has been changed from "On" to "Off".

    Firmware Version
    1. Adds support for the Canon Expansion Unit 3 [EU-V3].
    2. Adds Focus Position Guide feature.
    3. Adds support for additional commands for Canon IP [XC Protocol].
    4. The following features are enabled when the following lenses are attached:CN8×15 IAS S/E1,CN8×15 IAS S/P1,
    CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L F, CN-E45-135mm T2.4 L FP
    - Displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached.
    - Displaying T number
    - Support for Peripheral Illumination Correction and Lens Aberration Correction.(EF only)
    - Support for Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus (EF only)
    - Support for [Dual Pixel Focus Guide](EF only)
    5. Enables AF when S&F shooting frame rate is set to 24/25/30/48/50/60/100/120 frames per second.
    6. Enables face detection and tracking when S&F shooting frame rate is set from 24 to 120 frames per second.
    7. Adds support for 4CH display in audio meter.
    8. Improves the retention of the recording settings when switching between normal shooting and S&F shooting.
    9. Adds [Canon 709 / BT.709] in Gamma/Color Space in Custom Picture setting.
    10. Adds [CMT 709] in LUT and Sub Rec Color Conversion.
    11. Adds [G Gain] in White Balance in Custom Picture setting.
    12. Adds support for the CFExpress VPG 400 (Video Performance Guarantee).
    13. Fixes minor issues when using the CINE-SERVO lens.

    Firmware Version
    1. The following features are enabled when these lenses are attached: CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L F,CN-E20-50mm T2.4 L FP
    - Displaying metadata, such as the model name and the focal distance of the lens attached.
    - Displaying T number
    - Support for peripheral illumination Correction.(EF only)
    - Support for [Dual Pixel Focus Guide](EF only)
    2. Adds file name to SDI Ancillary data on the video output signal.

    Firmware Version
    1. Adds[EOS Standard]and [EOS Neutral] to the Custom Picture Presets.
    2. Adds "MEDIA" to the assignable buttons
    3. Adds Viewfinder Double Speed Drive Function

    Firmware Version
    1. Adds [XC Protocol].
    2. Adds Anamorphic resolution options of 4192x3140(4:3)and 3768x3140(6:5)when Sensor Mode is Full Frame, when RAW format is selected.
    3. Adds [1.8x] to the Anamorphic De-squeeze setting.
    4. Add 2048x1080/1920x1080 option to the 12G-SDI output when recording resolution is 4K or 5.9K RAW
    5. Adds MON.OUT and HDMI Simultaneous output option. (1920×1080p/i)
    6. Adds Look File function(3D LUT file .cube)
    7. Adds ITU-R.BT.709 standard compliant Gamma[BT.709 Standard / BT.709]the to the Custom Picture.
    8. Adds Power Saving Mode. (by restricting some functions)
    9. Adds [2x] option to the Magnification.
    10. Adds [Mask 100%] to the [Aspect Marker].
    11. Improvement in retaining recording settings when switching sensor modes.
    12. Clips can now be played by operating the joystick.
    13. Adds Ukrainian language to the Language.

    Firmware Version
    1. Compatible with EF Cinema Lens CN 10 x 25 IAS S/E1.
    - Peripheral illumination / chromatic aberration correction has been added.
    - Enable autofocus with Dual Pixel CMOS AF.
    - Added support for "Dual Pixel Focus Guide" feature.
    2. The ability to record XF-AVC Proxy has been added during XF-AVC recording.
    3. The XF-AVC Long GOP bit rate recording mode has been added.
    4. The ability to update the SDI/HDMI output from 59.94P to 29.97P (or 23.98P) has been added.
    5. The ability to select "5 sec. Pre REC function" in XF-AVC recording mode has been added.
    6. Improved the card file name when simultaneously recording XF-AVC or Cinema RAW Light.
    7. "B&W during Magn. " menu has been added when Magnification is enabled.
    8. The default value of the assign button has been changed from "Magnification: Video terminal" to "Magnification".

    Firmware Version
    1. Remote A terminal and Remote B terminal can be used simultaneously.
    2. Sensor mode information can be displayed.
    3. Fixes a phenomenon in which, under specific conditions, high-brightness areas may appear tinted.
    4. Fixes a phenomenon where the [C. Temp. Increment] setting cannot be changed.
    5. Fixes a phenomenon where the SSID (stealth) setting cannot be made in a Wi-Fi connection.
    6. Fixes the metadata to be recognized color profile correctly in some editing software.


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